What we need to know about IPTV

IPTV is a new TV viewing system which offers great advantages over traditional TV systems like satellite/dish/cable TV systems. Informed viewers are happily subscribing to IPTV systems. There are many viewers who are still unaware about the advantages that IPTV has over traditional TV systems-satellite/cable/dish TV. Here is a list of few things that viewers would like to know about IPTV before making an informed decision:

  • IPTV is Internet Protocol (IP) TV. It uses high speed Internet as backbone technology for its operations.
  • IPTV providersuse high speed Internet to transmit IPTV streaming
  • Unlike traditional TV systems, IPTV does not get affected by inclement weather like rain, overcast sky, storm, etc.
  • IPTV is energy efficient as well as it needs very little power to work.
  • Unlike traditional satellite/dish TV systems, IPTV works in crowded business areas surrounded with high rise building as well as in remote areas. Users only have to see that high speed Internet connectivity is available where they want to access IPTV.
  • IPTV is device portable as one IPTV account can work on traditional TV, Desktops, Laptops, IPAD and mobile etc.
  • One IPTV account can simultaneously be connected to multiple devices. IPTV providershave generally restricted the number of devices that an IPTV account can be connected to.
  • IPTV providersalso offer HD IPTV to their viewers.
  • Any user can download publicly available IPTV app and get access to IPTV account to watch IPTV.
  • One cable can be simultaneously used for phone, Internet and IPTV.
  • A user can watch IPTV on his/her devices while travelling in a car from one location to another location.

Why people are interested in IPTV system

Earlier masses had uncertainty about IPTV as it was a developing TV viewing system. People became used to traditional TV systems and were somewhat comfortable with lacunae and shortcomings of traditional TV systems.

With the rapid growth of Internet and success of Internet based apps, people started showing interest in Internet based TV, i.e., IPTV. Many businesses like banks, big corporate, local, state and central governments use Internet based apps to interact with citizens. This helped viewers in selecting IPTV over traditional TV systems.

People prefer IPTV over traditional TV systems because of IPTV’s following advantages over traditional TV systems:

  • IPTV is simple to operate and it gives hassle free services to viewers.
  • IPTV can be accessed by downloading IPTV app and linking it with devices that one want to watch IPTV on.
  • IPTV can be watched on various devices like Laptop, Desktop, IPAD, mobile etc.
  • It uses minimum energy or power to operate.
  • IPTV is more cost efficient than traditional TV systems.
  • IPTV requires very less or no maintenance, whereas, traditional TV systems needs frequent repair, upgrades, replacements etc.
  • It is quite easy to add or remove channels on IPTV account.
  • IPTV is widely used by many industries like hotels, restaurants, resorts, sports, events, education, entertainment, leisure and many more.

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