What are the newest marketing ideas in 2020?

The year 2020 has seen radical changes in marketing trends. There are new technological advancements that are forcing businesses to adhere to these changes. More so, the COVID 19 pandemic has catalyzed the adoption of some of the latest marketing trends. Companies have to remain aware of new techniques and other continuing trends in marketing. Top marketing digital trends that have found a good base in 2020 include a Live Stream, Shoppable Posts, Smart bidding, Interactive Content, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Personalization, and Google Smart Bidding.

Shoppable Posts are widely used by most marketers today. Shoppable Posts refers to the use of social media posts to advertise products online. Social media platforms are allowing many businesses to acquire new customers quickly and easily. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Pinterest are currently used in marketing products globally. Covid 19 has restricted many people indoors, thus increasing the time they spend online. Sponsored and many internet users have accessed non-sponsored adverts. For instance, a survey conducted has shown that more than 50 % of Instagram and Pinterest users have found new exciting products online. Companies are also paying bloggers to advertise their products through several social media platforms.

Another trend in marketing is the Interactive Content platforms. Many product users like to have more visual and interactive content before buying the products. Interactive contents make users aware of the brands available in the market. Vujà Dé Digital excels at this type of advertising.  The use of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platforms in marketing has recently increased. The VR and AR are applications that allow users to visualize how a product will look like in your home once purchased. Applications like Ikea enable users to visualize products from different companies.

2020 has seen the widespread use of personalization as a marketing trend. Personalization is made possible through the service of personalized emails to connect to potential product users. Many people find themselves appreciated whenever they receive a customized email from a specific brand. Personalized marketing goes beyond the addition of one’s first name in the email. Companies need to go deeper and discover what users desire to have or see. Going deeper and letting a consumer hear what he or she wishes will make one feel special. Automated emails are customized with info-graphics, time zones, CTA buttons, and data-backed optimization to suit recipients’ needs.

Google has come up with Google Ads updates to help companies in marketing their products. The new digital marketing strategy is reaching millions of internet users who rely on Google during surfing. Google ads adapt the machine learning tools to optimize bids, therefore enabling users to maximize their conversation in biddings through automatic variation of proposals in the event sales starts or stops. The Google ads update also allows optimization of bids in every conversation action over the multiple available campaigns.

Guest blogging is picking up fast in the world of marketing. Guest blogging refers to authorized users to create content about your product.

The use of video marketing tactics is another modern marketing strategy. Most companies choose to use videos for marketing their products because videos create firm bonds with product consumers. Video marketing strategy has been enhanced by live streaming, which has been on the rise in 2020. Live streaming is more efficient in marketing as it reaches more people within a short period.

Any modern business will have to apply these new trends in marketing, or else they risk their competitors outshining them. Successful companies in 2020 have acknowledged using some of these trends to market their products. All these trends play a vital role in both start-ups and big companies.

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