What are the Crucial Health Effects Of Smoking Shisha (Hookah)?

Shisha smoking has recently become our society’s social norm, as many adults and youth are engaging in shisha smoking nowadays. Shisha is also referred to as narghile or hookah, while the act of shisha smoking is referred to as Goza, a hubble bubble, water pipe, or hookah smoking. This type of Hubble bubble smoking involves smoking tobacco, which is mixed molasses of sugar, from a bowl with a tube or hose or mixed with fruit.

A hookah is a water pipe that is used to smoke flavored tobacco, the herbal tobacco being the shisha. The features of a modern hookah are as follows: a flexible hose with mouthpieces or a hose, a water bowl, a metal body, and a head with several holes at the bottom of it.

A hookah usually comes in different flavors such as apple, cherry, orange, mint, pineapple, coconut, chocolate, licorice, watermelon, and cappuccino flavors.

Shisha smoking has almost similar heath risk with those associated with cigarette smoking, although many shisha smokers consider it to be a less harmful thing to do, which is not. This article will help you comprehend the health effects of smoking shisha, which everyone must know, especially those who usually go on Shisha sale to buy shisha products or smoke shisha.

Below are some of the Crucial Health Effects Of Smoking Shisha :

1 Short term health effects of smoking shisha

Hookahs have carbon monoxide, a tasteless and odorless gasses that are slightly less dense than the air combines when smoked combines with the hemoglobin in your red blood cells to form carboxyhemoglobin inhibits the transportation who oxygen from the heart to the brain and other body parts.

Therefore a hospital emergency may arise when there is a low supply of oxygen to the brain. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include nausea, fainting, fatigue, and headache, and this occurrence is typically referred to as hookah sickness

2 Addiction to Shisha smoking and hookah dependence

Individuals who smoke shisha and hookahs also inhale nicotine in the process, which is a very addictive chemical compound. Usually, a shisha smoking session, which lasts an hour, will give you nearly two times the nicotine dose you would have gotten from smoking cigarettes.

People who smoke shisha regularly and hookah users usually have a strong urge to smoke shisha and hookah. When they have not to smoke for a long time, they tend to show withdrawal symptoms and thus making it challenging for them to quit smoking no matter how it negatively impacts their lives.

3 Health effects of exposure to second-hand smoke from hookahs

There are noticeable traces of aldehydes, carbon monoxides, ultrafine particles, PAHS, and other toxic particles that are tiny enough to enter the lungs are some of the notable traces of second-hand smoke from shisha and hookahs.

There are have not been any medical studies that have been done on the long-term health effect of exposure to second-hand hookah and shisha smoke. Short term health effect of shisha nd hookah smoke nonetheless leads to respiratory problems such as nasal congestion, chronic cough, and wheezing

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