Top Organ Donor Facts worth Knowing!

There are not enough organ donors in the US, and many patients die waiting for a life-saving transplant. In a developed nation like ours, this is unfortunate, especially signing up as an organ donor is so easy. In this post, we are sharing organ donor facts that are worth knowing.

  • Almost all major organs can be donated. Patients are mostly in need of kidneys, liver, lungs, and pancreas. In case of tissue donations, the most required ones include corneas, followed by bone, heart valves and skin. In terms of sheer numbers, corneas and kidneys are most required, followed by lungs and liver.
  • You can choose to be a donor at any age, regardless of other factors such as your gender or race. Most organ donations come from patients who are legally dead, and while there is a long process for matching donors with multiple recipients, you can be assured that you saved many lives after your death.
  • There are no expenses or costs to be incurred to become a donor. In fact, the overall cost of treatment will be borne by different charitable organizations. Also, note that buying or selling organs/tissues in the US is illegal. You can sign up with your state registry, and your driving license will mention the words ‘Organ Donor’.
  • Contrary to what some people believe, being an organ donor doesn’t mean that their funeral is going to be affected. All arrangements that a donor may have wished for can be arranged. Cremation and burial are both available options.

  • In case you are interested, you should know that organs are removed from the body of the deceased donor as soon as possible, so as to preserve the organs and tissues. In most cases, all the processes related to retrieving organs are completed within 24 hours.
  • Also, note that medical care for any of your health conditions will never be compromised, just because you are a donor. Doctors will take all possible steps to save your life first, and only when death has been declared, the option of retrieving organs will be considered.
  • Finally, if you sign up as a donor and want to change that decision later, you can always contact your state registry and get your name removed. Although, we don’t see a reason why anyone would want that.

Sign up as an organ donor today, and also encourage others. Each of us can make a difference to the world.

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