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There are so many casinos in the world today and all of them strive to offer something more to their customers. Competition is very fierce in this industry and companies that exist in it have to do everything to attract new customers while retaining the ones they already have. The average gamblers have also become very informed and are always demanding for more from the casinos they gamble at. Many of them spend days doing research on the internet about the best online casinos to play at before they make a choice.

Whereas there are so many ways that an online casino can use to attract player to their platforms, one of the best ways is by use of superior customer support. Being able to assist customers whenever they want and in full goes a long way towards making them happy. If you run a casino, then this article is good for you because it tells you about the different options that you can set up to make it easier and more convenient for your customers to reach your support staff. The casino customer support channels that I am going to mention below are the ones that are used by most casinos around the world.

Live chat

Live chat is the most common method of getting in touch with the support staff of any online casino these days. This is because of the immediacy with which you can have your issue resolved as a customer. This method helps you to connect directly with an agent by the use of text-based messaging. Basically, you will have to log into your gambling account and open up a smaller window through which you can connect directly to an agent. To communicate, you have to type your message, which gets delivered to the agent immediately. Once the agent has read the message, they can type back immediately. This way, the communication is direct.

Live chat buttons are usually located the bottom or top of the homepage. A good online casino ensures that customers can be assisted by agents 24 hours in a day every day of the week.


Email is yet another method through which one can get in touch with the support staff at sexygaming. If you have the casino’s email, you can send them an email and they will typically reply back to you within 24 to 48 hours. This method is usually slower because one has to wait for several hours before they can get a response from the support team and even if they do, there is no guarantee that one response will resolve the issue one had. You might have to exchange multiple emails with the customer support staff over the course of several days to get the help you need. Thus, this channel of communication is not meant for handling urgent issues.

Phone call

This is kind of obvious because everybody knows that you can call your online casino to get the help you need if you can get their phone number. In some cases, the call is usually toll free and you won’t be charged anything for talking to the customer support. The bill goes to the casino and not you, the customer.

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