How to Check the Balance of a Prepaid Gift Card

A prepaid gift card can be reloaded at any time of your convenience, by adding money into the card, either through online or on the phone. Before you purchase an item at any store of your choice, it is very important to check your prepaid gift balance of the gift card so as to avoid embarrassment.

 If you would like to check the balance of your gift card before purchasing anything, you can do so with your phone, through a call, or a landline, and maybe visit the visit at the station.

There are 3 simple methods you can use to check the balance.

1.Visit the Store.

Visit the retail location of your prepaid gift card as soon as possible. Once at the physical location of the card company, enquire from the cashier about how to check for the balance.

The cashier will then ask you for your gift card so as to verify its s the card of the company. They will then ask you to handover your gift card so they can check prepaid gift balance.

They will then scan the gift card using their computerized machines which will immediately disclose your prepaid gift card balance.

After the cashier disclosing to you your balance, don’t forget to ask for the printed receipt. On the bottom of your printed receipt, the remaining balance is visible.

  1. Check the balance Online on the Gift Card Website

Some gift card company at times list a website linked to the company’s site that can determine your prepaid gift balance. The website link can be found on the back of the gift card.

Once you join the link of the website found on the gift card, you will have to fill in the information required like a card number, and expiration date. After filling the required fields, you then hit the submit button which will then list your gift card balance list.

If after submitting the required fields you did not get the balance list, then your gift card could be expired or has a technical issue. In this case, you should immediately visit the gift card store.

3.Call the Gift Card Company

Almost all gift cards have a tollfree number which is located on the back of the gift card. The gift card has a black strip at the back of the card where the phone number is located.

Once you locate the number, dial the number you found at the back of the card. The number will then lead you a direct operator or an automated system. On the call, it will then  ask for all your card details and personal information.

If you put in the right information, then it will automatically read your prepaid gift balance.


The methods outlined above are for checking on your prepaid gift balance.  Although cards may vary, all gift cards contain a toll-free number located on the back of their prepaid gift card.

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