Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Lab Created Diamonds

Seeking a custom engagement ring for your partner? Designing your own customized lab create diamond engagement ring in Singapore is now very easy. It is always a good idea to begin the new chapter of your life in the right way. You celebrate your eternal bond with a stunning, affordable and conflict free diamond. This variation is invented by planet lovers and their customers to provide a unique diamond buying experience. In other words, this very variation is backed up by years and years of knowledge and insight that is beneficial for both customer and the wearer of diamonds. Here is everything you need to know about lab created diamonds.

Why lab created diamonds?

The biggest distinction between a mined and a lab grown diamond is the place of its origin. The lab created diamond is cultivated with the help of avant garde technology that replaces the natural diamond growing process. The outcome is that a diamond is physically, chemically and optically same as the one formed beneath the surface of the earth. While both the variations may seem alike virtually, in every aspect, the way it is formed makes all the impact. Here are the reasons you should go for lab created diamonds:

  • They are the most ethical way to have diamonds.

The lab created diamonds are the only way to make sure that you have a 100 percent ethical stone.

  • They are the most nature friendly

Making man made diamonds lead to less waste, water and energy use and of course, the carbon emissions too.

  • They are more affordable than the natural diamonds

The lab grown diamonds can be 20 to 40 percent less expensive than the natural diamonds.

How to create your own lab created diamond ring?

  • Begin with a setting

You can select settings like halo, solitaire, three stone shapes, classic, vintage etc. Choose the one that aligns with your budget and style.

  • Choose a lab created diamond

If you are not a diamond pro, ask an expert to guide you with each and every aspect of your lab grown diamond. You can also choose on the basis of shape and price, also the cut, clarity, color and carat to narrow down your choices for the ideal lab created diamond ring for you. The shape will align with the setting you choose. If there is a certain diamond shape you adore, you can look for settings that showcase diamonds in that very shape.

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