Four of the Best Hiking Trails in the Eastern Townships

The Eastern Townships house a variation of santiers de Randonnée that tends to compete with each other in terms of their beauty and what they have to offer. This makes the region a real paradise for those who love nature. And because of the many trails available, you can be sure there is one for your taste and fitness level. Thus, you don’t have to be an experienced hiker to enjoy a mesmerising view from one of the hilltops.

Some of the best trails you can visit in the region include the following:

Domaine naturel du mont Gale

This natural recreational area is located in Bromont. It features trails, viewpoints, lakes, and an interpretative path. The area has four official trails that provide a unique vista and experience. If you want an easier, family-friendly hike, you want to take your pack to the Forêt enchantée that tends to impress both small children and grown-ups. But, if you want to enjoy a relaxing hike by the water, the Tour du Lac is the best choice.

The Sentier des Cimes de Franceville Hiking Trail

This moderately trafficked loop trail is situated in the Franceville sector, in the northwest portion of the Parc national du Mont-Mégantic. It features beautiful wildflowers and is rated as moderate. It is mainly used for hiking and snowshoeing and can be accessed year-round.  What makes it unique is that it lets you hike along a stunning rocky ridge from the Franceville sector of the park to the Pic de l’Aurore. It provides one of the most spectacular points of view in the region, with an altitude of 835 metres.

Mont Brome

This elevation stands high above the surrounding area with a small summit area, local relief of at last 300m, and steep slopes. It provides a wide variety of activities including winter sports, waterslides, hiking, and more. Guests at the hotel Château-Bromont, located at the foot of the mountain, can hop on the C1 belt that begins in the parking lot and includes more than 15 kilometres of trails, rated as easy.

Mont Glen

This resort is known for its Chair Trail that runs alongside the main chair. This trail has plenty of ripples and skiing slalom style downhill requires plenty of focus. This mont Sutton summit is located at more than 300 metres of altitude, providing a fantastic view of surrounding mountains including Orford and Owl’s head. The trails cover over 14 kilometres and include many loops with various levels of difficulty.

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