Dab Rigs and Bongs: Which One is Best for You?

In the world of cannabis and its usage there are many tools and accessories one can use to smoke and get a hit of it. The most common of which are Bongs and Dab Rigs. These two might be similar with each other in that they are used for smoking the same thing and they both end up doing the same thing. At glance there is no real difference but when you get down to the intricacies of both devices, you start to see the difference between the two and how one can outperform the other when it comes down to their specialties.

A good online head shop can help you in distinguishing the two and finding which one can best suit your needs but sometimes it can get confusing. Let’s go talk about the difference between the two and how you can choose between them.

What is being smoked for each product and the best one for each?

 Both Bongs and Dab Rigs are capable of smoking the same thing the other can. However, Bongs are more specialized with dried herbs/flowers and tobacco. This is added into the bowl with the water and are smoke through evaporation by lighting the bong or herbs directly.

Dab Rigs are similar to vapes in that they are brought into the body through vapor from a concentrate. The concentrate are usually honey, oil and wax which are legal for consumption/inhalation. It should be noted that both devices use the same method for filtering.

They’re Sized Differently and also Hit Differently

A clear difference between the two devices are their sizes. The Bong is bigger in size allowing for more things to be used at the same time however because of the size, its potency retained as it travels across the pipes to your mouth making you have good clean hits. A Dab Rig is smaller in size, almost pocket sized, making the potency weaker as it travels from the device to your mouth. Although because of the size and the material used, if you are able to make it reach your mouth and lungs quickly as possible, you don’t only not lose any flavoring and potency but you can get stronger hits in flavor as it is more concentrated.

They Come in a Variety of Sizes and Aesthetics

Both devices are usually made of glass which are the common variety. However, they can come in multiple types of varieties that specialize or change the way you would smoke. An example of this is Honey Straws for Dab Rigs. They work differently from the conventional Dab Rig where instead of using a dabber to place the concentrates on the nail, the honey straw is placed directly on the concentrate usually on a glass dish. Smoke is inhaled as if you are drinking from a straw which is where the name of this variety is derived from.

Meanwhile, a variety of bongs is a Gas Mask Bong. Although not that different from a conventional bong, it is slightly different that the bong is placed inside a gas mask you strap to yourself. This is usually done in order to create a miniature hotbox.

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