International high school teacher: alert students of the six black intermediary fabricate lies

With two on Normal outer International Baccalaureate ( teachers remind parents and students, vigilance: the six study black intermediary fabricate lies:

First: U.S. undergraduate admission rate

In fact, we look at the past two years, the visa relaxation, U.S. enrollment, nearly every year tens of thousands of high school students to apply for the continental United States undergraduate, exclude most of the cannon fodder and blind confidence, the basic rest in 2000-3000 and the annual 2870 undergraduate visas, and this figure is consistent, that is to say on the whole final undergraduate applicants who have the most basic skills can get a visa to the United States to learn.

Second: ‘Big Bull’ student progress in order to have good schools

Daniel refers students to learn good grades are A, SAT scores high. Activity ability, have their own inventions, or certain aspects of expertise. Good character, foreign people willing to recommend you, and since that good, but I think the bottom line to the United States is to have a school to study, learn, music school’s heart, which is the driving force to promote the development of your infinite and we look at some of the legendary cattle were really into the IVY, but left Hundreds of ordinary people next year to go to good schools still learning, American schools open to all, not just the big cattle from recent admissions situation, a lot of students who are all very general ego ideal, in fact, were can get some good school admission(

Third: SAT is not high, simply could not see the sub-heavy, and top schools

This is the most ridiculous, in the United States rarely used cut-off to admit people, in that case, the United States has become China’s college entrance examination from the already admitted students get to see, no non-SAT Daniel, has already pocketed Several good school admissions and scholarships, this evil legend, after all, also prevented some of the best students, but can not take the SAT, or SAT belonging to disadvantaged people.

Fourth: less money out of their own, there may not be recorded, the school will likely record 15000,20000

This, then, is mostly out so much money people’s self-confidence. Fiscal policy of each school is different, not a ruler to measure their students to the full(CantonStation News, And each person’s family income is unlikely the same, some family obviously can out at their own expense, but you can cry to the poor is not a hair, some people can not afford Mingming, insisted hat and no cattle Nothing is absolute school, the school will humane treatment every case, but With more and more speculators, American School of course some of the card, but I want to break that much money out of nothing with admissions Can you how much lies much. schools can talk about the price, it must be your own there is also some of the more significant issues that should be avoided as soon as possible.

Fifth: no funding, scholarships, schools do not apply, but that does not get money

With two on Normal outer International Baccalaureate ( Chen said: eighty percent of this legend is simply no money to the school to see who speak out in recent years has been a lot of people break up this lie from the ‘do not send money,’ school again and again and again to get scholarships, and even the whole prize. makes some people thoroughly discredited, and therefore, saying, ‘XX XXX took full scholarship, skillful bragging, that schools do not might give you the money ‘This is their home school if that is open, all he said was that school standards. fact, through the actual situation, gives the impression of some of the bad (of course, some people do not give money) of Schools have been in scholarships, including several legends UNIV never scholarships, but why there are people who get it every year?

Sixth: sports, music, art scholarships are not normal people can get

This I do not want to extend it out, because there are a lot of physical exercise and training of people, a lot of amateur playing music, painting, American people have got excellent scholarship, including football scholarships, football scholarships, swimming scholarships, music scholarships not to say, it too much. artistic strengths of the Chinese people has always been in front of me said, American University is open to all, regardless of whether they do have said so well. many Chinese sports , music, art talent can enter the United States to study, some people questioned said they would poor academic ability, language, miscellaneous bad do not worry, American schools dare want you, they will help you solve all problems

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