Jialing Tingzikou Dam impoundment

At 10:38 on June 18, with the China Datang Corporation Deputy General Manager Lin invited Weishan Zhong, deputy director of the Yangtze River Water Resources Commission announced impoundment order, the state improve the Yangtze River flood control system construction of key projects, the western development focus Engineering, Sichuan Dujiangyan Irrigation recreating a backbone projects, China’s first holding by the central enterprises to participate in national development and construction of water conservancy project construction – Sichuan Jialing Tingzikou Dam of 5 Bottom arc door slowly falling, began impoundment, Sichuan Northeast cherished old people finally won half a century of ‘Hydra heart’ dream.

The dam site control drainage area 61,089 square kilometers, accounting for 39% of the Jialing River basin area. To flood control, irrigation and urban water supply, power generation, taking into account the shipping, and has a comprehensive utilization of sediment deposition reduction benefits. Projects respectively I, etc., for the large size of the project (a type of reservoir total capacity of 4(http://www.best-news.us/).067 billion cubic meters, irrigation area of ​​292.14 hectares, 1.1 million kilowatts installed capacity of power plants, navigation structures of 2 * 500 tons, the total investment 16.853 billion yuan.

The project, started in 2006, was started in November 2009, January 2010 damming the river. Has invested 11.965 billion yuan, total investment of 71%. Complete volume of 5,189,500 cubic meters of concrete, accounting for 89(Finance News http://www.best-news.us/).8 %, the completion of the amount of 12.9 million cubic meters debris, accounting for 97% of the total. works 100% pass rate, good rate of 98% of the civil works, mechanical and electrical engineering excellent rate of 96.1%. no serious injuries and over production safety accidents, civil construction image good.

May 2013, the reservoir impoundment Tingzikou countdown, and a series of special work acceptance prerequisites have been met, June 17, the first stage water by the state. Hydropower initial water level to 438 meters, planned for the end of July to generate electricity.

Jialing Tingzikou Hydro by Datang Corporation Holdings involved in the development.

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