Nanchang Yellow Lake, a large area of ​​dead fish the aquatic field down the drain (Figure)

19, users in Jiangxi microblogging broke the news that the suburbs of Nanchang Yellow Lake, a large area of ​​dead fish the Dajiang reporters went to verify the true, the person in charge of aquatic products market may be sewage inflows lead to fish Dajiang News reporter Yu Yunliang reports: dead occurrence of such a large area of ​​dead fish, aquatic field down the drain.

19 afternoon, Dajiang reporter came to the incident appears waters of the dead fish is an aquatic field the aquatic field person in charge told reporters that 16 afternoon, fish pond fish bubbling, followed by oxygen, but .17 to no avail, the fish began a massive die 19, the entire aquatic field foul(

Aquatic field boss, fish ponds million yuan investment in the construction of the Chinese New Year this year was placed in a 50 million fry, ‘I did not expect die off, down the drain!’ The aquatic field that is heavy rains caused sewage flows Lake in the ultimate cause pending further investigation.

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