Jiashao Cross River Bridge is expected in the second half to traffic Jiaxing-Shaoxing only 1 hour

With the last two steel box Liangshun Li lifted into place, a total length of 10 km Jiashao cross-river bridge full bridge closure through This marks the world’s longest and widest multi-tower cable-stayed bridge to be built this year to achieve the opening of the bridge lay the foundation yesterday, the construction headquarters Jiashao Bridge through the Bridge was convened press conference on the progress of the construction of the bridge, the technical challenges were informed the next stage, Jiashao the Bridge deck asphalt laying and flag, marking settings and electrical and mechanical equipment installation will be the construction plan was opened to traffic in the second half of this year, Jiaxing, Shaoxing will can save about 30 minutes drive away.

374 steel box girder lifting completed

February 3, 4 crane smoothly from the surface of the water transport ship lifting up to 40 meters high built the last two Jiashao Bridge steel box girder deck this point, all 374 steel box girder Bridge lifting smoothly completed, achieve full-bridge through.

According to reports, the Jiashao Bridge as Jiashao Crossing the River channel critical control engineering, divided into approach spans of the south and the north shore land areas south and the north shore of the water district approach spans and the main channel bridge, a total length of 10.137 km, with a total investment of 6.35 billion yuan, the use of The two-way eight-lane expressway standard with a designed speed of 100 kilometers(http://www.best-news.us/).

‘Jiashao Bridge is completed, it will become the longest continuous length of the main bridge in the world, the most wide deck width multi-tower cable-stayed bridge, called the bridge builders of the cable-stayed bridge record in the world to launch a new challenge.’ Yesterday, Kerry The Shao Bridge construction headquarters, executive vice commander bell Sea Bridge, the main channel bridge with a single column of six towers of steel box girder, double width four cable plane cable-stayed structure, with a total length of 2680 meters, with a total width of 55.6 meters (including Bousso area), steel box girder erection totaling 374, with a total weight of 80,000 tons.

Large steel box girder size, weight, and can not be transported through the trestle, but can only be transported by ship to the lifting position for installation. ‘The construction headquarters chief engineer Jiashao Bridge Wang Jia-sheng said the bridge work area in the main channel shallow flow anxious, the trend of surging, ship transport, positioning, lifting extremely difficult, the domestic yet to have a precedent for such a large-scale steel box girder construction in such a complex and volatile operating environment, however, the construction side by overcoming difficulties, the successful completion of 374 of the lifting of the steel box girder construction, full bridge closure through.

To create a number of world record

Jiashao Crossing the River channel project held a groundbreaking ceremony in December 2008, the main part of the project is at full capacity in 2009. Beginning of the construction of the bridge, bridge engineering industry at home and abroad because of its special construction conditions, innovative bridge design and difficult technical challenge has been concern.

Building the natural environment of the Jiashao Bridge is extremely harsh, complex bridge is located in a the Qiantang strong tidal zone basin, is the first building in the world’s three strong tidal reach extra large bridge( News http://www.best-news.us/). ‘Wang Jia-sheng said the bridge is located in river channel changes swing often the main channel, erosion and rapid change, strong construction zone at the rapid current, innovative design of the bridge, the extremely difficult technical challenges in the process of building a record number of world records.

‘In addition to the main bridge for the world’s longest continuous length, deck width widest multi-tower cable-stayed bridge, the bored piles of the bridge approach area is also the world’s largest diameter single pile.’ Said Wang Jia-sheng, in order not to affect the world-famous Qiantang River tidal bore landscape, the water district approach spans a large number of large diameter bored piles (diameter of 3.8 m and a depth of 110 meters or more), the pouring of concrete of Single over 1300 cubic meters, is currently the world’s largest diameter single pile. adverse effect on the main channel bridge span in the position to solve the steel box girder due to thermal expansion and contraction of the long main beam temperature deformation force of Sarasota set to release the main beam longitudinal deformation rigid hinge, is the world’s first.

Jiaxing-Shaoxing save 30 minutes

It is reported that the channel is Jiashao Kuajiang the National Expressway Network Plan >> ‘7918’ the main road of the parallel lines in a vertical network ─ ─ Shenyang to Haikou National Highway Traffic Changshu to Taizhou, in Zhejiang Province Highway Traffic Plan across Hangzhou Bay channel.

After the completion of the project, Zhajiasu Expressway, Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Hangzhou-Pudong Expressway, Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, San Expressway Shao highways connect easily, improve the national highway, provincial highway network , to promote the economic integration of the Yangtze River Delta and the industrial restructuring and upgrading of great significance. Meanwhile, Jiashao Bridge will also greatly shorten the distance of time and space across the Hangzhou Bay, Jiaxing-Shaoxing distance will be shortened to one hour, reducing about 30 minutes drive.

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