Do not cut off a child’s imagination wings

We often marvel: the United States to lead the world in science and technology innovation, total! However, many people do not know or are unwilling to accept the provisions of the >> << citizenship law in the United States two: children in school has two rights: play right, the right to ask why.

It is said that this provision is a spiritual compensation case in U.S. history.

Day in 1968, a 3-year-old girl in the United States, pointing to a gift box on the ‘OPEN’ her mother said, she met the first letter ‘O’ and the mother was very surprised, and asked her how to recognize the girl said kindergarten teacher taught the mother praised her daughter after a paper petition kindergarten sued to court on the grounds that the kindergarten deprive a child’s imagination. because her daughter before the understanding of the ‘O’, can ‘O’ as the round things Apple, Sun, football, eggs, etc. However, since the kindergarten teach her to know the letters, the children lose this ability to imagine her kindergarten responsibility, and mental compensation(

The case in the court hearing, the mother made the following defense: ‘I saw two swans in a park, a cut left wings on the larger reservoirs, other intact, placed in a small pond. managers said, this can prevent them to escape, cut off the left wing due to inability to maintain body balance and unable to fly, not enough glide away because of the small water pond, also can only stay in the water now, my daughter is like a kindergarten Swan, they cut off the wings, she imagined a premature she dropped into a patch of ABC’s reservoirs. ‘

All the members of the jury were moved kindergarten losing!

Parents are a child’s first teacher. Many of our parents, however, hopeful eager, too early to educate their children with an adult point of view, often deny, even ridiculed the child’s imagination after the child enters kindergarten, kindergarten to meet the parents’ psychological and began to teach knowledge of children many of the so-called specification. primary and secondary school, which takes children the nature of the ‘fun’ as a ‘scourge’ stringent education in teaching, teachers often impose their views to the students, always stressed answer standardized and unified. thus stifle the imagination of students, is not conducive to the students to create the ability(Parenting News

I had to take an analogy mathematicians Rosa to ask for advice from many parents and teachers: ‘Assuming a gas stove, faucets, empty water bottles and matches in front of you, the task now is to boil water, you should do?’ Of course, the correct the answer is: ‘put water in the kettle, and lighted the gas, and then put the kettle on the gas stove.’ Then, they asked the second question: ‘Suppose already have enough water in the kettle, all of the remaining conditions are same as the original, and then, how to do? ‘all adults say:’ Direct ignite the gas, and then put the kettle on the gas stove. ‘

This is the best answer we usually think I again asked the third question: ‘If a child’s answer is first drained the water bottle, and then according to the first case. What do you think? You again how to do? ‘almost all adults say:’ This child is too rigid and I will correct his erroneous practice, teach him the easy way. ‘In fact, the child’s answer is the best answer, because he has after a new question Naturalization previously been able to solve the problem is a feature of the way of thinking mathematician: not directly on the problem of ‘attack’, but its deformation, transformation, chemical classified as resolved or compare easy to solve the problem. way of thinking is very useful.

Unfortunately, this idea of ​​the children have often been the adult denial in teaching problem-solving method, students found teachers certainly often not denied, but many teachers love to say: this method too much trouble, this approach should be speaking with the teacher. passage of time, the student’s imagination, exploration, innovation is stifled. they are no longer to find a solution to the problem, but waiting for the teacher to tell them the ‘best’ way.

Thankfully, China’s new round of curriculum reform started in the beginning of this century, a new educational philosophy came into being, an educational paradigm revolution kicked off around the country, and had a profound impact. Majority educators to seriously study the new curriculum standards >> << compulsory education, we see hope.

Save our children for the hope of the nation, for our children’s tomorrow., Do not cut off the wings of imagination of children.

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