Pan bought shares of NBA teams place among the Nets owner

Taiwan Network April 21 hearing, according to Taiwan News reported today, one of the NBA Brooklyn Nets owner Jess, single bell Taiwanese singer Pan, ready to sell shares in the hands of the Nets, was brought up to love Pan of basketball for accommodation entered the NBA owners.

Jess season to re-create the Nets, the team moved to Brooklyn from New Jersey, and she let the team worth a new high, he is today ambition, the creation of a sports agent company, want committed players brokerage, but because of NBA regulations, both team owners can not at the same time as a player agent, it was decided to sell Nets shares.

A Fajie Si 2004 is $ 4.5 million, was invited to become shareholders 1.47%, and the other said Fajie Si currently only holds 0.067% of the Nets shares, worth about $ 350,000, but when I heard that Jess want to sell shares after Pan through friends, contact and express willingness to buy.

It is reported that Jay-Z will choose to sell Pan hope its, including players born in the Chinese region of influence, all-round creative hip-hop dancing and singing singer, NPC Tide brand sideline, and APP software company owner and designer background, NBA in the Asian market to flourish the two sides has entered the negotiation procedure is scheduled in the past few days will have the final say(

This message, Pan broker said, are artists in private sideline businesses will not ask, but that Jess Pan evaluation, he said that he was very happy, Wilber perseverance in the field of dancing and singing can be Jess certainly, quite proud.