Jiashao Cross River Bridge is expected in the second half to traffic Jiaxing-Shaoxing only 1 hour

With the last two steel box Liangshun Li lifted into place, a total length of 10 km Jiashao cross-river bridge full bridge closure through This marks the world’s longest and widest multi-tower cable-stayed bridge to be built this year to achieve the opening of the bridge lay the foundation yesterday, the construction headquarters Jiashao Bridge […]

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“I am a nutritionist” contest HEALTH help professional training

All along, Tomson times sales professionals concerned with nutrition industry construction, development of the system knowledge of nutrition, basic medical, health, diagnostic testing, sales techniques and related quality training courses and throughout the country ‘provincial training classes’ for the major drugstore chain with first-line sales training nutritional knowledge for the community and the public to […]

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International high school teacher: alert students of the six black intermediary fabricate lies

With two on Normal outer International Baccalaureate (www.edu-shanghai.net) teachers remind parents and students, vigilance: the six study black intermediary fabricate lies: First: U.S. undergraduate admission rate In fact, we look at the past two years, the visa relaxation, U.S. enrollment, nearly every year tens of thousands of high school students to apply for the continental […]

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